Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glimpses of the Culture of Malaysia

Malaysian Culture: People
Malaysia is a country that is known for its rich and cultural heritage. Here, people strongly believe in respecting each other’s culture and religion. Here, one can find a good mix of Malay, Chinese and even Indian communities. The Malay people cover more than half of the population of Malaysia. As per the laws of the Malaysian Constitution, all Malays are basically Muslims and one can get a glimpse of the traditional Malay culture in the village areas.

The Malaysian culture also includes the Chinese and they were known to have adopted the Malaysian culture since the ancient days. With the practice of intermixed marriages there emerged a whole new group where the males were called as the babas and the females were known as the nyonyas. The Chinese therefore are the second largest group out here.
The Indians are the third largest group of people that form a major part of the Malaysian culture. The Indians had always visited Malaysia since the ancient days.

Thus we see how different races have formed a part of the culture of Malaysia. The unity in diversity can be seen in the celebration of various festivals by all races in Malaysia. Apart from this, there are also certain tribes that form the oldest inhabitants of Malaysia. This forms to be at least 5 percent of the total population.

Malaysian Culture: music and dance
Like in any other culture, music and dance make for an important aspect of the Malaysian culture. Owing to the vastness of cultures in Malaysia, even the dances vary widely. Influences of several cultures can be seen in the wide variety and versions of dance forms in Malaysia. However, it can be noticed that most dance forms in Malaysia have emerged from basic needs and have evolved into the amazingly mesmerizing dance forms of today.

The music of Malaysia is centrally based around the Gamelan, which is the traditional instrument from Indonesia that creates a muffled ethereal sound created by the strings. Among with the gamelan, the drums and the beats played create a beautiful mix of composition. The drums evolved out of necessity basically when in order to transfer news fast, huge drums (rebana ubi) were used to convey the message. Then again, the Malaysian culture has evolved indigenous beats for all occasions. There were different types of beats played for each occasion such as weddings, festivals, danger warnings and so on. These beats later got transferred into the music of the Malaysian culture. Rebana ubi are now used only ceremonially. There is held the Giant Drum Festival today in Kelantan, in the months of May or June.

One of the most renowned Malaysian dance forms happens to be silat that sought its origins from a martial art that used bare hands and body as fighting instruments. This dance form can be seen in Malaysian weddings and festivals mainly while the dancers dance to the drum beats and music created by other instruments.

One of the other dance forms of Malaysia which makes for a mesmerizing viewing experience is the candle dance. The dancer performs with burning candles on plates held in each hand. The beautiful and soft curves and arcs made by the dancer through her body renders he viewer in a hypnotic trance.

Another popular dance form in Malaysia, which has come from Sarawak, is Datun Julud and is a form of storytelling through dance. The dance is accompanied with Sape, a musical instrument that leads the beats in the dance and is accompanied further by clapping and singing.

Apart from the dance and music, Malaysian theatres too are extremely famous for their inclusions of music, dance and drama into one form. This art form utilizes stories, operatic singing and humor in the performance.

While the cultural heritage of Malaysia is uniquely wide and vast ranging origins to thousand of years back, it will be a mistake to consider the whole of Malaysian culture as traditional. With the changing times, Malaysian culture too has taken a turn to match to the new beats of modernity. Synthesizers and other new age instruments have come into play in the traditional music and dances of Malaysia.

Monday, August 23, 2010

how to leave a violent relationship...

Hye pepps!

Every people in this world are likely most to be fall in love. All of us want to be in a loving, secure and safe relationship. Safe relationship will lead us to the happiness lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are some people in this world who get stuck in a violent relationship. This situation will harm your life. Violent relationship will not lead to the long lasting relationship. Having in a love relationship is not a game which it is actually a serious relation being created in our life. If you are one of the people get involved in this situation, you have to alert with the circumstances happen around you.

Here are some tips that can be shared so that people can having an early action to avoid this situation from happening. First, for the beginning of your relationship, you have to recognize an abuse relationship. This situation can be analyzed by looking the behavior of your partner. If you realize your partner is one of the person who are dependent, control or change you, pushing and domineering, or get jealous when you hang out with your family and friends you have to alert and start to leave you partner. This is an early step need to be taken before its getting worse.

The next step you have to alert with is where is your condition in the relationship. you have to realize that you don't have to be stuck in. You can get out from your relationship early before its getting worse and if you start to realize you are in violent relationship. In this case, there are many factor that can lead you to be stuck in this situation. Some of the reason such as low self-esteem, threats from significant other, or pressure from family or friends to stay together. In this circumstance, you don't have to bear all the risk because the decision is in your hand. :))

If this situation is continuously happen, you have to get in touch with someone else in the outside world. Your social life will be limited and cut off if you getting into this unhealthy relationship. This will lead to the crucial for you to reach out to the people you love and that love you. So, the various action you have to consider are call or go to see your parent, sibling, family member, trusted friends, officer of the law or anyone that will be willing to help you. This will make you strong enough to face the situation.

Last but not least, get out from the relationship! If you are married, take your child together out of the house. You have to consider to find a place which is far away and safe. If you are not ready, you should call for other person that can help and explain your situation. Overcome the fear to safe the person you love. If you are new in a relationship, just leave your partner before its too late. The relationship is not going to get better if you stay :))

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

~nEw prOduct!!!~

we have decided to add new item in our business..
want to know what is it?????????
it will come out COMING SOON~

wait for it yeah!

we hope you will like it..thank you~ ;-)

~iNtEreSTiNg cLub in UiTM jEngKa~

PEERs Club is the one of interesting club in UiTM pahang..
The objective of this club is to help other friends in term of any aspect either in academic and social problems.
Besides that,PEERs Club also give opportunities to students to share their opinion or suggestion. PEERs Club will give the feedback towards of their creative suggestion.

People think that PEERs Club is only focused on problematic students but this perspective is totally wrong...
PEERs Club actually more to society welfare which is visited orphan's house and did some enjoy activities with them. Other than that,they also visited the Oldfolks Home and from the visit,we can truly understand that their feelings.

In this organization itself, PEERs Club members is like siblings because they are close with each other. They used to called each other with 'brother' and 'sister' that means there is no gap between them.Futhermore, when they do the activities such as break fast with orphans, every members in this club will join together to success the program.

Other than that, PEERs Club also manage the program such as Program Kilauan Permata which is their members act as facilitator at SMK Jengka 2. All the program that they are manage mostly give motivation to others and indirectly give opportunities to their members to enhance their softskills and management.

In UiTM Pahang,PEERs Club have the linkage with Unit Kaunseling UiTM Pahang. PEERs Club will support any activities under Unit Kaunseling and Unit Kaunseling also support the activities that manage by PEERs Club..

End of Story~~ ;-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

other bussiness blog

This is one of the other blog that we have visited. This blog was interesting because they sells cakes, cupcakes and muffin. In this blog, they sell many types of cake which is span cake and moist cake. The price of the cake are differentiate from the size and the types of the cake. Customer can make their own choices for the design and testure. There is many flavour such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, orange and etc. The product is creative and unique. It has the ability to attract more customer because the cakes are so fun and colourful to enjoy the taste of the cake. The order around area in Shah Alam will be free delivery. But for out of the area,the delivery will be charged including transportation cost. The order must be made at least three (3) days before and for maximum order must be made at least two (2) weeks before. so why you waiting for, let make an order for the unique design of the cakes for happiest momment. :))

In this blog, they are selling cookies and for the upcoming product, they are selling cupcakes. The cookies seems like very delicious because it is colourfull. There are many types of cookies such as winter sonata, chocolate cherry, chips and nut, cornflakes crunchy and etc. While the cupcakes have two flavour which is chocolate and vanilla. The cookies is very cruch and delicious to having it. The price for the cookies is RM20 which is already been discounted by 20%. The normal price is RM25, the company was made a promotion for eid mubarak. While the price for the cupcakes is RM20 for the 12 cupcakes. There is no delivery charged in the same area. The order can be made by call or direct to them. The order can be made before 15th august and the cookies will be deliver two (2) weeks or one (1) week before eid mubarak. So lets check it out. let order the delicious cookies for precious momment with family on eid mubarak. :))

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ThE jUiCe!!!


Delicious roselle!!!!!

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Pureness of guava!!!!

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Marvellous honey dew!!!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ThE cHocOLaTe!!!!!


The taste of almond and chocolate melt in your mouth make you feel so freedom!!!!!!!

1 box (25 pieces) = RM12.90
5 pieces = RM3.00

4 pieces = RM2.50


The taste of hazelnut and chocolate melt in your mouth make your mind rest and relaxxxxx....

1 box (25 pieces) = RM12.90
5 pieces = RM3.00
4 pieces = RM2.50


This is pure hazel cover with the chocolate outside. The taste of the pureness of the hazel feel in your mouth.Only sell in a box.

1 box = RM13.90