Tuesday, August 10, 2010

other bussiness blog

This is one of the other blog that we have visited. This blog was interesting because they sells cakes, cupcakes and muffin. In this blog, they sell many types of cake which is span cake and moist cake. The price of the cake are differentiate from the size and the types of the cake. Customer can make their own choices for the design and testure. There is many flavour such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, orange and etc. The product is creative and unique. It has the ability to attract more customer because the cakes are so fun and colourful to enjoy the taste of the cake. The order around area in Shah Alam will be free delivery. But for out of the area,the delivery will be charged including transportation cost. The order must be made at least three (3) days before and for maximum order must be made at least two (2) weeks before. so why you waiting for, let make an order for the unique design of the cakes for happiest momment. :))

In this blog, they are selling cookies and for the upcoming product, they are selling cupcakes. The cookies seems like very delicious because it is colourfull. There are many types of cookies such as winter sonata, chocolate cherry, chips and nut, cornflakes crunchy and etc. While the cupcakes have two flavour which is chocolate and vanilla. The cookies is very cruch and delicious to having it. The price for the cookies is RM20 which is already been discounted by 20%. The normal price is RM25, the company was made a promotion for eid mubarak. While the price for the cupcakes is RM20 for the 12 cupcakes. There is no delivery charged in the same area. The order can be made by call or direct to them. The order can be made before 15th august and the cookies will be deliver two (2) weeks or one (1) week before eid mubarak. So lets check it out. let order the delicious cookies for precious momment with family on eid mubarak. :))