Monday, August 23, 2010

how to leave a violent relationship...

Hye pepps!

Every people in this world are likely most to be fall in love. All of us want to be in a loving, secure and safe relationship. Safe relationship will lead us to the happiness lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are some people in this world who get stuck in a violent relationship. This situation will harm your life. Violent relationship will not lead to the long lasting relationship. Having in a love relationship is not a game which it is actually a serious relation being created in our life. If you are one of the people get involved in this situation, you have to alert with the circumstances happen around you.

Here are some tips that can be shared so that people can having an early action to avoid this situation from happening. First, for the beginning of your relationship, you have to recognize an abuse relationship. This situation can be analyzed by looking the behavior of your partner. If you realize your partner is one of the person who are dependent, control or change you, pushing and domineering, or get jealous when you hang out with your family and friends you have to alert and start to leave you partner. This is an early step need to be taken before its getting worse.

The next step you have to alert with is where is your condition in the relationship. you have to realize that you don't have to be stuck in. You can get out from your relationship early before its getting worse and if you start to realize you are in violent relationship. In this case, there are many factor that can lead you to be stuck in this situation. Some of the reason such as low self-esteem, threats from significant other, or pressure from family or friends to stay together. In this circumstance, you don't have to bear all the risk because the decision is in your hand. :))

If this situation is continuously happen, you have to get in touch with someone else in the outside world. Your social life will be limited and cut off if you getting into this unhealthy relationship. This will lead to the crucial for you to reach out to the people you love and that love you. So, the various action you have to consider are call or go to see your parent, sibling, family member, trusted friends, officer of the law or anyone that will be willing to help you. This will make you strong enough to face the situation.

Last but not least, get out from the relationship! If you are married, take your child together out of the house. You have to consider to find a place which is far away and safe. If you are not ready, you should call for other person that can help and explain your situation. Overcome the fear to safe the person you love. If you are new in a relationship, just leave your partner before its too late. The relationship is not going to get better if you stay :))