Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Nyum..nyum.. chocolate is the most likely by all people in the world.
ooouhhhh... chocolate have some taste that can attract people to eat and buy it.
Even how expensive the chocolate is, people willing to buy because the taste of the chocolate.
ouucchhh... chocolate is very deliciousssss....!!! and also can release our tension and relax our mind.
yeah! 100% sure that you will not regret if you buy our chocolate.
hehehehehe... once the chocolate meltzzzz in your mouth, you will never forget about the taste!!!!!

fruits??? what is in fruits??
ouuwww.... i know fruit is very delicious.
usually, people eat fruit for their dessert.
ouh no!! fruit is not only for the dessert but actually it is good for our health such as honey dew,guava,rosell,and others.
in our blog,we're not selling the fruit yarhh!
hehehe... we sell juice that come from these three fruits ;honey dew, guava and rosell.
this is the most juice that good to health.
this juice is very fresh and it is also delicious because its come from pure ingredient.
having a good juice will lead to healthy lifestyle!!!

so,what you guys waiting for????
come on!!!!
buy it,so that you can know the taste of chocolate and juice.
you can feel the taste of the delicious chocolate melt in your mouth and the taste of freshness and pureness of the juice!!!!


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