Tuesday, August 17, 2010

~iNtEreSTiNg cLub in UiTM jEngKa~

PEERs Club is the one of interesting club in UiTM pahang..
The objective of this club is to help other friends in term of any aspect either in academic and social problems.
Besides that,PEERs Club also give opportunities to students to share their opinion or suggestion. PEERs Club will give the feedback towards of their creative suggestion.

People think that PEERs Club is only focused on problematic students but this perspective is totally wrong...
PEERs Club actually more to society welfare which is visited orphan's house and did some enjoy activities with them. Other than that,they also visited the Oldfolks Home and from the visit,we can truly understand that their feelings.

In this organization itself, PEERs Club members is like siblings because they are close with each other. They used to called each other with 'brother' and 'sister' that means there is no gap between them.Futhermore, when they do the activities such as break fast with orphans, every members in this club will join together to success the program.

Other than that, PEERs Club also manage the program such as Program Kilauan Permata which is their members act as facilitator at SMK Jengka 2. All the program that they are manage mostly give motivation to others and indirectly give opportunities to their members to enhance their softskills and management.

In UiTM Pahang,PEERs Club have the linkage with Unit Kaunseling UiTM Pahang. PEERs Club will support any activities under Unit Kaunseling and Unit Kaunseling also support the activities that manage by PEERs Club..

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